The story of Boot Katrine and her relationship with King Christian VII


Boot Katrine 12/8 1745 – 25/8 1805

Støvlet Katrine var nok den sidste private person der har formået at skabe røre i Danmark, this was anything else the king and nobility easily even cope. Anne Katrine Benthagen, came to the world the 12. august 1745, as illegitimate child of Prince George of Bavaria. As was common at this time, when a nobleman acted wrong, he married the girl with a soldier from his own army, for a cash consideration. This was also the case with Katrina mor.Prinsen recognizes Katrine, and sends her into the house of a Colonel in Copenhagen, taking care of her, against an annual payment. Katrine was a good playmate for the colonel's daughter. Meanwhile, the soldier who Katrine's mother married, wound in one of the little Wars, and thereafter they settle down as a shoemaker in Copenhagen.

When Prince George dies, the cash flow to colonel in Copenhagen, and Katrine was sent back to his mother and stepfather. Her stepfather repaired booties for city officers, as Katrine delivered. She is therefore nicknamed Boots Katrine of the other girls at the theater, where she started very young as a dancer.

But from this company slipping Boot Katrine out on the road of, She was a very notorious woman, that migrate from one to the other man. For this she encounters in the English ambassador Goodrich and becomes his mistress in a few years, and being in this circle called Milady, while nicknamed Boots Katrine kept of her old acquaintances.

When the English ambassador was called home to London Bootee Katrine taken over by King Christian VII of the. It is no secret that King Christian VII was insane and the country at that time was ruled by Queen Dowager Juliane Marie and Etatsråd Ove Guldberg. But Boot Katrine has a calming influence on King, and are therefore allowed to be left in peace.

It was not peace that prevailed, when Boot Katrine and the king went on a binge around the Copenhagen nightlife. En del gamle regnskaber skulle gøres op, and this did not go quietly in. So Boot Katrine so here an opportunity to get married to his left hand.( Something we throughout history in particular. know from Frederik VII and Countess Danner)

This will Guldberg and Enkedronnigen to lure a signature from the king so they could get Bootee Katrine expelled. She is sent to Wandsbeck in Holstein in 1768, where she was staying for a few years. King went on a big European tour and here he meets the German reformist German JFStruense in Altona. The king is very happy Struense and takes him home to Copenhagen.


J. F. Struensee 5/6 1737 – 28/4 1772

Hereafter it is really Struense who rules the country, much against Widow Queen and Gold's will. Struense have introduced a lot of new reforms also include. press freedom, which ironically, is coming to trap him and his relationship with the young Queen Caroline Matilde. Since it appears that Caroline Matilde's second child, not King Christian VII, but Struense, she is banished to the town of Celle in Germany and Struense is placed on the wheel.

After all this Bootee Katrine pardoned and can again come home to Denmark. She is however prohibited from settling in the capital, because they were afraid of her influence on the king. I 1771 she settled down therefore in Lyngby, and although at that time was far from Copenhagen, it has probably still been too close to. For Boot Katrine moves to Soro, where the King bought a house for her, Boot Katrina Housing, and here she lives in a few years, until she gets married to a fisherman from Nysted on Lolland.

Boot Katrine and her husband settled down on Lolland and Katrine become the first private person who comes in the Finance, when she receives an annual payment from the state. Bootie Katherine die at the age of 60 years the 25. august 1805, as a respected madam